we communicate your message with emotion.
we place an emphasis on a close working relationship with our clients because it's only through goal­ focused teamwork that we are able to achieve good results.
in collaboration with our clients, we develop effective strategies that make ideas become a reality.
we draw on extensive experience and a broad network for the whole process of film-making. From the original idea to the finished product.
we take clients' individual needs into consideration for a successful outcome.
we create your point of view!


With Apoint Film, you can make a great impression without having to make a great effort. You can communicate your message whilst making an impact.

With our skills, experience and creativity, we make sure your company is shown in the best light. We use, of course, the latest sound and vision technology to achieve this, and with our extensive network we can remain very flexible to the client's needs. For each project, we can find the right answer, even if we have to create it ourselves!


Apoint Film is a full-service film production company based in Steinhausen / Zug. We make films for businesses, public authorities and NGOs. We draw on many years of experience in film development and production and take care of every aspect of your project.

We produce corporate videos, promotional films, events coverage, documentaries, training videos, in-house company TV and more. The services we offer are as varied as our clients are.


Would you like to record or broadcast your event? Then we are the people to ask for live webcasts or on-demand streamings. And Apoint Film can take care of all technical aspects of your event.


Whether it be video production, TV commercials or live broadcasting, Apoint Film provides a custom-made solution. We are dedicated to making your project a reality on time, on budget and with the utmost care and attention!

In order to keep the costs of aerial filming from soaring, we have established is your first choice for moving images and spectacular tracking shots whenever space is limited and large, bulky camera rigs would just get in the way. And for professional footage from the operating theatre, you're at the right address with medical-polecam.

Apoint Film, Film und Event


For our established customers, we'll go to any lengths – for example to the Matterhorn for V ­ Zug's export video. We have been able to make numerous films for the leading Zug firm, and with our specialised equipment we have contributed to the success of many of their events.
With great drive, we have been able to deliver an impressive performance in the form of corporate videos and event coverage for Yamaha.
infront | Ringier
We created and exectuted the trailer for the Tour de Suisse 2015 for this new sports marketing star.
Swiss Life
As long-term customers, Swiss Life are always assured of the best when it comes to the promotional product films, event coverage and event equipment that Apoint Film has provided for them.
We produced a promotional film for one of this global pharmaceutical firm's products.
We were able to create and produce a promotional video for Europe's number-one 24-hour snack dispenser company.
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Apoint Film produced a product­-promotion film for this global pharmaceutical company.
For events and event coverage, this global firm can count on Apoint Film's Full-Service complete package. 
This leading audio-aid company were our clients for a 3D visualisation for an event, and also for interviews on the internet.
We are also the right partner for the most delicate of operations. Smith&Nephew chooses Apoint Film for live broadcasts from the operating theatre, for their medical education, and for the upkeep of their website.
We were able to record interviews and cover events for this well-known company which is the name behind many other names - Dove, Knorr, PG Tips, Ben&Jerry's, to name a few.
We have our finger on the pulse: we produced a promotional film for Schiller's Fred Easy Life Defibrillator and covered their events. 
Apoint Film is this pharmaceutical firm’s first choice for recordings of statements in their European Headquarter in Zug.
For the well-known seasonings and bouillon specialist Oswald we produce statements and spiced up reportage films.
Wasserwerke Zug AG
Even birds are jealous… We realised breathtaking 4K aerial films for the cable TV supplier DCG.
Zuger Kantonsspital
We have been able to take some aerial shots for Zuger Kantonsspital and showed it in the best light. Additionally we arranged for some post-processings. And our customer was also happy to take use of our speaker's booth.
  • Amt für Berufsbildung Zug
  • Amt für Zivilschutz und Militär Zug
  • AMTS
  • Andreas Caminada - Schloss Schauenstein
  • Avivox GmbH
  • Barry Callebaut
  • B. Braun Medical AG
  • Belimed
  • Clear Channel Schweiz AG
  • Coty (Schweiz) AG / Jil Sander, Adidas
  • Credit Suisse Zürich, Zug und Luzern
  • CSS Versicherungen
  • De Puy Spine
  • Dienststelle Berufs- und Weiterbildung Luzern
  • Equinix (Switzerland) AG
  • EVZ
  • Feuerwehr Risch
  • Feuerwehr Steinhausen
  • Freiwillige Feuerwehr Zug
  • Gebäudeversicherung des Kantons Zug
  • Gemeinde Steinhausen
  • Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz
  • InfoGuard AG
  • IWC International Watch Co LTD
  • Janssen-Cilag AG
  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Europe
  • Kanton Zug
  • Lux
  • Metall Zug
  • Odlo
  • OTC Foundation


other clients we worked for
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Martin Hüsler
Project Manager and Managing Director

Manuela Iten


Lars Müller
Camera Operator -


Mathias Häcki
Camera Operator


Urs Rohner
Camera Operator - Freelancer



If you would like to know more about professional film production in central Switzerland, we are looking forward to meeting you.


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